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The Kingdom of Eswatini is known for its deeply rooted culture and traditions. Its equidistance in relation to Mozambique and South Africa and richness of its biodiversity make it an attractive place for international tourists. The years 2012 and 2013 have been marked by a surge in tourists from overseas sources, mainly from the European Union (17.1%), Middle East (14.4%), Australia & Asia (9.7%) and North and South America (4.3%), while Africa remains the largest source in absolute numbers.  The country’s tourism sector is characterized by major tourist attracting events all year round. Major events include the Umhlanga Reed Dance, Incwala, Bushfire Festival, Simunye Fun Fair, East3Route, and Eswatini International Trade Fair, among others.


The Kingdom of Eswatini presents a huge potential for tourism investments with major opportunities being in the gaming/recreation/leisure, accommodation, hiking, kayaking and game viewing subsectors, to mention a few.

Tourism inflows into Swaziland: 2007-2012
Source: Eswatini Tourism Authority Research Report


  • Overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming people
  • Safety, peaceful environment
  • Stunning and breath-taking landscapes of mountains and valleys, forests and plains
  • Rich culture
  • Amazing wildlife reserves across the country that are home to The Big Five
  • Proximity to South Africa and Mozambique who are the main sources of tourists
  • Beautiful handcraft that is renowned worldwide

Major players

  • Royal Swazi Sun Hotel (Sun International subsidiary)
  • Lugogo Sun Hotel (Sun International subsidiary)
  • Piggs Peak Hotel & Casino
  • Royal Villas
  • Siteki Hotel
  • Happy Valley Hotel & Casino
  • Summerfield Botanical Garden Resort
  • Big Game Parks
  • 70 guest houses, lodges, etc.
Support and Regulatory Bodies
  • Swaziland Tourism Authority
  • Swaziland National Trust Commission
  • Hotels Association

Useful Links

Swaziland Tourism Authority

6th Floor Dlanubeka Building
Corner Mdada & Lalufadlana Streets
Mbabane, Swaziland
P.O. Box A1030
Swazi Plaza, H101
Tel: (+268) 2404 9693/75/26
Fax: (+268) 2404 9683

Swaziland National Trust Commission

P.O. Box 100
Tel: (+268) 2404 1179