Motor Show


SIPA also hosted a Motor show from the 14th - 17th April 2016. It was a four day conceptualized event to provide a strategic exhibition platform for local car/truck dealerships, car parts/accessories retailers, vehicle financers, vehicle insurance brokers and vehicle tracking solutions to showcase their products and services to company representatives and individuals who are potential buyers.


Sector participation

  • Car Industry - Peugot, Mazda, Mbabane Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Autohaus, Auto Mobile Cars and Mahindra
  • Trucks and Bus - Swazi Trucks and Bus
  • Tractor Dealers - Swazi Trac, Agrimech
  • Spares and Parts - Autozone
  • Banking and Finance - First National Bank, Swaziland Building Society, Swazi Bank, Standard Bank and Nedbank
  • Accessories - Drizit, Castrol and PropshaftQ
  • Insurance - Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation, Lidwala Insurance
  • Fleet Management - Eqstra Fleet Management, Auto Solutions, Car Trac and Digit Vehicle Tracking
  • Government Departments - Department of Fire & Emergency Services and Royal Swaziland Police 


Business Benefits

This Motor Expo managed to achieve direct sales of above E1.2 million, also creating a number of business leads. This expo was fruitful to most exhibitors with about two exhibitors who failed to make sales or get leads due to their business style.