The Board and Management of the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA) would like to sincerely thank His Majesty's Government and all stakeholders for their tireless efforts in ensuring that Swaziland is re-admitted to the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

It is now the time for the business sector to again take advantage of this trade opportunity which allows for duty free market access to the USA market. It is also worth noting that the AGOA benefits have been extended to 30 September 2025. The benefits from the AGOA scheme are:

  • Duty free market access for over 6400 product tariff lines (products include inter alia: foodstuff and related products; agricultural products; dairy products; garments and apparel; metals and articles of base metals; leather and allied products and automotive).
  • A broader market in the USA with a population of over 320 million.
  • Third country fabric provision which allows for textile companies to import fabric, process it and export finished products to the USA.
  • The rules of origin are simple and flexible.  

In the past years, Swaziland has exported the following products to the USA which are expected to increase in volume under AGOA re-admission: sugar and sugar products; textile and apparel; canned fruits; handcraft products; chilli sauce; fruits and vegetables; honey and jam; and ethanol.

We are hopeful that the re-admission of Swaziland to AGOA will also trigger investment inflows in different sectors that are more export oriented which can lead to further job creation. SIPA will be having sector specific consultations with stakeholders to further unpack opportunities presented by AGOA.

Exporters are encouraged to continue contacting institutions that facilitate trade such as: International Trade Department in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade, Swaziland Revenue Authority (Customs Department) and the Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority.