Minister Launches 'Mini-SITFs'


Small and medium scale producers will now have an accessible platform to showcase their wares and increase possibilities of securing markets. This follows the new initiative which will see trade fairs being held regionally. The regional trade fairs will be known as 'Mini-SITF', were launched by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Trade Jabulani Mabuza.

The minister, who was accompanied by Swaziland Investment Promotions Authority (SIPA) officials, met some of the producers from the various regions. During these meetings, Mabuza officially launched the Hhohho, Lubombo and Shiselweni regional fairs. The Fair will be held on the following dates: Hhohho 27th - 29th July, Lubombo 3rd - 5th August and Shiselweni 10th - 12th August 2018.

Speaking briefly about the initiative, The Minister highlighted that these events are aimed at developing business-people from grassroots level. He acknowledged that the national fair, which has been there for the past 5 years, also provided a similar platform.

Mabuza said, however, the regional trade fairs would also help government to identify each region's capacity and needs. This are trade shows where businesspeople specializing in different categories will also have a platform to interact and perhaps share their experiences in business. He said government would thereafter be able to assist the producers to grow and secure more markets.

"In the past, it was difficult to know what each region can produce better as all producers would be convened under one location during SITF," said the minister. Meanwhile, Lubombo RA Sylvia Mthethwa, who was represented by Nozizwe Masuku, urged business-people of every region to come in their numbers to showcase their wares.

The RA noted that the Lubombo region was mostly known for its dominance in agriculture. She said, however, there were producers from other sectors who were not yet known as they did not have a platform to showcase their work. 'Now is the time for us as a region to be able to identify our strengths where we can then invest more,' she said. The minister also added that local artist will be entertaining people in their respectiveregions during the shows.

Applications can be downloaded below:

Hhohho Trade Fair Exhibitor Application Form

Lubombo Trade Fair Exhibitor Application Form

Shiselweni Trade Fair Exhibitor Application Form

Article from the Swazi Observer .