The communications sector also plays a major component in the Swaziland economy. This sector is probably the fundamental base of operations of all Swazi businesses. With Swaziland in a bid to archive first world status by the year 2022, the Swaziland Communications Commission (SCCOM) was established to regulate the provision of electronic communication services and products in Swaziland. The sector has evolved from predominantly a provider of voice services and products in Swaziland. The sector has evolved from predominantly a provider of voice services and has diversified into internet, wireless transmission systems, broadcasting and postal services. The importance of this sector on the Swaziland economy cannot be overemphasized.

MTN Swaziland is the only mobile telecommunications operator in Swaziland. The company started in 1998 and currently has over 900 000 subscribers. MTN Swaziland is a telecommunications partner that is a subsidiary of MTN Group. The company's offering includes call, messaging and internet based products and services. They are also involved in selling products specially designed for business such as clouding services etc. MTN Swaziland has developed to become one of Swaziland's most successful and prominent businesses. The geographical MTN network coverage was last measured at 96% and population coverage is at 98%. They currently offer 2G, 3G and 4G network. For more info, visit or call (+268) 2406 0000.


The Swaziland Posts Telecommunication Corporation (SPTC) was established in 1986 under act no. 11 of 1983 and its parent is the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. The organisation is mainly made up of two business units i.e. Swazi Telecom and Swazi Post. Swazi Telecom provides spectrum of quality global telecommunication services with direct dialling to over 200 countries and 24 hour contact centre. It also offers ADSL Broadband, ISDN, Leased lines, PABXs and fixed lines. Swazi Post on the other hand is the country's prime mover of written communications and parcels with services comprising ordinary and registered mail, courier and freight services. For more info, visit or call 2405 2000.

The Swaziland Television Authority (STVA) is a broadcaster established in 1983 through an act of parliament. Before it was established by the Act of parliament, it was known as the Swaziland Broadcasting Corporation (STBC). STBC was officially opened by his Majesty King Sobhuza II in February 1978. This was the coming of television in Swaziland. The Authority aims to become a regional leader in public television broadcasting services while providing all viewers with impartial and informative news, education and entertainment programmes through technology that meets international standards. For more info, visit or call (+268) 2404 3036.

The Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Services (SBIS) is responsible for disseminating news and information which is aimed at educating, informing and entertaining the Swazi nation effectively and impartially for the purposes of development and social welfare through radio and broadcast and publications. SBIS currently broadcasts for 24 hours on SiSwati Channel and 18 hours over the English Channel and moreover the institution provides the public address system during major national functions, celebrations and other events of such magnitude. For more info, call (+268) 2406 1000.

The Voice of The Church is Swaziland's premier Christian Broadcasting Station. It is responsible for disseminating Christian news and programmes that are bible based.  The Station hosts radio shows and programmes that are also positively influential to the society. They broadcast to various parts in Swaziland and South Africa. They also broadcast online so you can tune in regardless of location. VOC has the community at heart and this is reflected in the amount of work and contributions they make towards Corporate Social Responsibility and the effort they put in partnering with other institutions. For more info, visit or call (+268) 2505 4845.